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Needle Supporters

    • Needles Supporters of Needle Scalers
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      Needles Supporters of Needle Scalers

      Needles Supporters of Needle Scalers China made for mini needle scalers, 2mm Material: GB 20Cr low carbon steel IMPA: 590471 Needle Size: Diameter 2mm Loading Volume: 29PGS Application: For use of Mini Needle Scaler TD-16P / JC-16 Q'ty per set: One unitRead More
    • Jet Scaler Needle Supporters
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      Jet Scaler Needle Supporters

      Jet Scaler Needle Supporters directly provided from TD-20P manufacturer, 29pcs Ingredient: High strength carbon steel (BS) 590M17 Part Number: IMPA 590472 Outline Dimensions: ∮1.33" x L1.88" Capacity: twenty-nine pieces of 0.078" scaling needles Workable...Read More
    • Spare Needle Supporters
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      Spare Needle Supporters

      Spare Needle Supporters for new arrival electric needle scalers, 32nos Material: Heat treated Low carbon alloy ASTM standard 5120 Hardness: 58-62HRC Needle type: 0.078 inch x 32 nos Working Speed: 3800 beats per minutes Delivery Terms: Ex. WorksRead More
    • Needle Supporters of Jet Chisels
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      Needle Supporters of Jet Chisels

      Needle Supporters of Jet Chisels 53 barrels non-spring reciprocating system Dimensions according to parts nr. 590473 published by IMPA authorities, super grade AISI #5120 material quenched and thin-carburized to achieve excellent wear property and impact resistance. 53...Read More
    • Marine Needle Supporters
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      Marine Needle Supporters

      Marine Needle Supporters particular heavy duty design, 66 needles SKU #: 590474 Raw Materials: French NF norms 18C3 quality steel. Appearance: Grey color Dimensions: O.D. 44mm, height 50mm Carburizing level: 0.4 mm minimum Workable needle type: 2mm x 66s Competent Machines:...Read More
    • Surface Preparation Needle Supporters
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      Surface Preparation Needle Supporters

      Surface Preparation Needle Supporters made by China Ship Tool factory, 12 tubes ● Cast JIS SCr22 alloy ● Surface preparation component with IMPA CODE 590475 ● O.D. 32mm, overall length 34mm ● Equal 12 tubes each for a 3mm x 180mm needle ● Completely corrosion protection oiled...Read More
    • Tempered Needle Supporters
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      Tempered Needle Supporters

      Tempered Needle Supporters specially developed spare holder of 3mm needles for 110V & 230V needle scaling ● Part Number TD32E004 ● Honeycomb-like body tempered and machined from standard DIN 20Cr4 quality tool steel, light and sturdy. ● Good wear and distortion resistance...Read More
    • Jet Needle Supporters
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      Jet Needle Supporters

      Jet Needle Supporters Tianda self-made Jet Needle Supporters with 23 thru. holes, DN3 Information for buyers: Desc.: Needle Supporters / Holders Item code: 590476 Raw Materials: ISO 20Cr4 grade rod Color: Grey Outside Diameter: 40mm (finished product) Total height: 48mm...Read More
    • Standard Needle Supporters
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      Standard Needle Supporters

      Standard Needle Supporters in cylindrical shape, unique version of 28 pins Article Code. 590477 Parts Numbers.: TD18P005 Product Type: Air tool maintaining parts / Consumables Place of Origin: Yuhuan, China Brand: Tianda Manufacturer: Taizhou Tianda Machinery Rated Pressure:...Read More
    • Replacement Needle Supporters for Air Chisels
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      Replacement Needle Supporters for Air Chisels

      Replacement Needle Supporters for Air Chisels Quality tool steel made (JIS ref. SCr420), parallel channels engineered to hold one needle in each and enable its undependable movement within desired range. This well finished component can replace the fault piece in a air chisel...Read More
We're one of the leading China needle supporters suppliers, bringing here a great selection of products from IMPA and ISSA lists. Please be free to import low price needle supporters from our factory here.

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