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    • Standard Needle Supporters
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      Standard Needle Supporters

      Standard Needle Supporters in cylindrical shape, unique version of 28 pins Article Code. 590477 Parts Numbers.: TD18P005 Product Type: Air tool maintaining parts / Consumables Place of Origin: Yuhuan, China Brand: Tianda Manufacturer: Taizhou Tianda Machinery Rated Pressure:...Read More
    • Replacement Needle Supporters for Air Chisels
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      Replacement Needle Supporters for Air Chisels

      Replacement Needle Supporters for Air Chisels Quality tool steel made (JIS ref. SCr420), parallel channels engineered to hold one needle in each and enable its undependable movement within desired range. This well finished component can replace the fault piece in a air chisel...Read More
    • IMPA Spare Needles for Air Chisels
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      IMPA Spare Needles for Air Chisels

      IMPA Spare Needles for Air Chisels 590466 flat tipped, 2mm IMPA Code: 590466 Category: Consumables-Spare needles Material: ASTM Carbon steel 1065 Size: 2mm x 150mm Tip Type: Flat Applications: Installed on Air chisel tools to clean corrosion layer / old painting for burnish...Read More
    • Rust Removal Needles
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      Rust Removal Needles

      RUST REMOVAL NEEDLES 0.078 inch for fine shot-blasting effect *Art. Nr. 590467 *∮0.078 inch pin head delivers fine shot-blasted effect on working surface *7.08 inches needle pole length *Quality Manganese Steel, good tensile and abrasive resistanceRead More
    • Scaling Steel Needles
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      Scaling Steel Needles

      SCALING STEEL NEEDLES made of 65Mn spring steel, 3mm Made of GB/T 65Mn spring steel, controlled hardness 35-38HRC, metallic grey color, classic specifications of 3mm x 180mm for general surface preparation purpose. Fit to TD-20P, TD-24P, TD-28P, TD-32E, or as replacement...Read More
    • Spare Air Needles
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      Spare Air Needles

      SPARE AIR NEEDLES 50 pieces pack, Size 4mm A must component for air needle machines to carry out heavy duty scaling. Also described as "Jet Chisels", or "Scaling needles". Technical Details: Manufacturer's suggestions: it is necessary to check the...Read More
    • Electric Deck Scalers
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      Electric Deck Scalers

      Electric Deck Scalers: Also known as Electric Deck Scaling Machines, or Electric Large Area Rotary Scalers. specifically developed surface preparation equipment ideal for the removal of paint, heavy rust, stubborn scale, even cement laitance and bitumen on large area flats,...Read More
    • Accessories for Deck Scalers
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      Accessories for Deck Scalers

      Accessories for Deck Scalers: According to different surface preparation purposes, Tianda provides optional scaling tool assemblies: Wire Wheel Brush Unit-A Dia. 155mm steel wire brush drum for general removal and cleaning of light surface rust. Cutter Wheel Assembly- A drum...Read More
    • Pneumatic Hand Scalers
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      Pneumatic Hand Scalers

      Pneumatic Hand Scalers: A universal surface preparation hand tool powered by attached light weight torch-shape air motor. It can be used as chisel, hammer, grinder, driller, and brush by simply changing the tool head. The ideal equipment to handle with small area de-scaling...Read More
    • Electric Scaling Machines
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      Electric Scaling Machines

      Electric Scaling Machines: A rugged multi-function machines for continuous use, equipped with Electric heavy duty motor to drive rotary working tools for surface preparation / treatment to remove rust, scales and debris. The extended Flex. Shaft enables the reach into narrow...Read More
    • Flexible Shafts for Scaling Machines
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      Flexible Shafts for Scaling Machines

      Flexible Shafts for Scaling Machines: One of the key components for Flex Shaft type Scaling Machines. Consist of non-slip knurled Handles, Handle Spindles, Twisted steel wire core and Rubber Sleeve, all are made of quality materials with Anti-dust, Oil-proof, Reliable...Read More
    • Cutters for Scaling Machines
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      Cutters for Scaling Machines

      Cutters for Scaling Machines: The optional tool head (IMPA Code:591255) of scaling machines for surface preparation on heavy rusting surface, an assembly with 6 groups / 18pcs of steel cutter wheels (IMPA Code:591256). 6 steel Disc pins (IMPA Code:591257), 2 Disks or Side...Read More

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