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    • SF Series Quick Connect Couplers
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      SF Series Quick Connect Couplers

      SF Series Quick Connect Couplers Integrated body with socket end and Rc female threaded end Single end shut-off function Endurable stainless steel valve core with reliable CROSS head Product Sheet *Same type socket and plug to be connected across , different type can not.Read More
    • PF Series Quick Connect Couplers
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      PF Series Quick Connect Couplers

      PF Series Quick Connect Couplers The junction plug between a compatible socket and a male thread coupling Two materials for options: #45 carbon steel and Stainless steel Suitable for transferring non-aggressive fluids like air, water, and etc. Product Sheet *Same type plug...Read More
    • Brass Air Hose Couplings
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      Brass Air Hose Couplings

      Brass Air Hose Couplings: Female thread connection for use with the Marine male threaded air outlet. Made of superior copper alloy-MS58 brass material and formed by modern hot-forging technique. With Metric Fine Thread of M42 X 2 for respective hose end connection thread...Read More
    • Metal Scupper Plugs
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      Metal Scupper Plugs

      METALSCUPPER PLUGS: Metal parts are made of Superior brass and fine finished, then assembled with the quality elastic rubber components. For sealing the scupper holes for spilled oil or polluted liquids. Easy to use, insert plug in the drain hole and tighten the handle until...Read More
    • Marine Punching Tool Sets
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      Marine Punching Tool Sets

      MARINE PUNCHING TOOL SETS: A general Marine topls used for punching holes in soft brass, copper, and other soft metals as well as leather, canvas, and gasketing / sealing materials. Standard 16pcs punching die set for hole sizes from Dia. 6 to Dia. 38mm, plus one punching...Read More
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