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    • Mini Needle Scalers
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      Mini Needle Scalers

      Mini Needle Scalers: TD-16P has a light weight of 1.5Kgs. An economic mini model compatible for 29pcs of Dia. 2mm x 150mm scaling needles. Working air pressure at 0.6-0.8Mpa and estimated air consumption as low as 0.15CBM per minutes. Powerful 4,000 blows per minute can...Read More
    • All Purpose Needle Scalers
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      All Purpose Needle Scalers

      All purpose Needle Scalers: TD-20P has the advantage straight body, makes it convenient to be used in a narrow space or corner for surface preparation. An all purpose handy tool suitable for chipping rust, old paints, welding, casting scales and various deposits in fields...Read More
    • Spring Free Needle Scalers
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      Spring Free Needle Scalers

      Spring Free Needle Scalers: TD-24P, is a specially designed Jet needle scaler for medium duty surface preparation works. Free internal moving mechanism guarantees much longer servicing life. Loaded with either 23pcs Dia.3 x 180mm or 53pcs Dia.2 x 180mm chisel needles, this...Read More
    • Heavy Duty Pneumatic Needle Scalers
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      Heavy Duty Pneumatic Needle Scalers

      Heavy Duty Needle Scalers: TD-28P is primarily developed for marine surface preparation tasks like striping coatings, derusting, and removing foulings both indoors and out. It has the unique heavy duty capacity to work with the most needles (66pcs of Dia. 2mm x 180mm), the...Read More
    • Electric Needle Scalers
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      Electric Needle Scalers

      Electric Needle Scalers: Also known as Electric Needle Guns / Electric Jet Chisels / Electric Needle Chisel. A rugged professional handy tool for harshest fields like Marine, Constructions, and casting industries. An expert's choice for surface preparation to remove...Read More
    • Pneumatic Vacuum Cleaners
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      Pneumatic Vacuum Cleaners

      Pneumatic Vacuum Cleaners: Also known as BLOBAC Cleaners. A compact, lightweight and almost all-purpose industrial vacuum cleaner which works on compressed air. The must equipment for marine, offshore and other circumstances where a clean-up is needed during surface...Read More
    • Flex Shaft Pneumatic Scaling Machines
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      Flex Shaft Pneumatic Scaling Machines

      FLEX SHAFT Pneumatic Scaling Machines: An versatile surface preparation machine equipped with Pneumatic motor driven rotary working tools to remove sediments like rust, corroded film, paint and adhesives in an effective and high-efficiency way. To meet various finish demands,...Read More
    • Pneumatic Deck Scalers
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      Pneumatic Deck Scalers

      Pneumatic Deck Scalers: Also known as Pneumatic Deck Scaling Machines, or Pneumatic Large Area Rotary Scalers. A versatile pneumatic powered machine to implement surface preparation works in a fast and efficient way. Ideal choice to remove coatings, stubborn rust, heavy scale...Read More
    • Light Duty Pneumatic Needle Scalers
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      Light Duty Pneumatic Needle Scalers

      Light Duty Pneumatic Needle Scalers Vividly described by another name-Air Needle Guns, a compact marine tools for surface preparation. Reference IMPA CODE 590461 (Model JC-16), can work with twenty-nine 2mm IMPA spare needles for air chisels. Technical Details:Read More
    • Inline Pneumatic Needle Scalers
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      Inline Pneumatic Needle Scalers

      Inline Pneumatic Needle Scalers Features Compact inline shape and anti-skid handle cover. O.D. 80mm and Length of 250mm. Also known as JT-20 air jet chisels with IMPA Ref. 590462. Applications Widely adopted in marine and automobile industries to treat metalwork and...Read More
    • Pistol Grip Pneumatic Needle Scalers
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      Pistol Grip Pneumatic Needle Scalers

      Pistol Grip Pneumatic Needle Scalers Casted and well-finished Aluminum main body in Pistol shape, provides a solid grip for easy descaling operation. Product SpecificationsRead More
    • Air Needle Scalers
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      Air Needle Scalers

      Air Needle Scalers IMPA Ref. Code 590464, or other names as Pneumatic Rattling Needle Chisels. Main Characters ■ A dependable tools powered by 85-115psi air supplying for surface preparation / cleaning like control of corrosion, striping old coating, chipping floors, peening...Read More
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